Healing is Not a Mystery

“Coping with illness can present monumental challenges—doubt, pain anxiety, and despair—it can also present an opportunity to involve our souls in a powerful, self-reflective journey, a journey of emotional, physical and spiritual redemption. Healing: A Conversation is just such a journey.”

Annette Goggio shares with us a remarkable time in which she was guided through the stages of healing by her Guidance, Jonathan, through struggle, illness, acceptance, reconciliation, harmony and ultimately redemption. She unveils her life for us to see, without edit, without guile, to expose what is at the heart of living: the education of our soul. Jonathan tells her, the illness is a life lesson, one that is necessary for her to be the healer of souls.

Healing: A Conversation is more than a combination memoir and self-help book. It is a revelation about living as we know it.